Zaid Hamid’s Funny Pics Collection

Dear Children,

Yakeen Zaaniye…ye baat hum aapko bata dena chahte hain…yahudion se bacha ke hum aapke samne apni kuchh roohani tasveern pesh kar rahe hain. Its time to do tauba and use these pics on your computer (which is your weapon) as wallpapers to defeat the Hindu, Jew, Christian, Budhhist and SIkh Zioinsts. Remember it is the 4th generation war which has been imposed on us. These pics can save you from the kufr. Kiss our ass ..oops sorry hands and declare us as your Calipha.

Your Calipha,

Zaidu Zahil Hamid Panipat waaley

Zaidu ready to kill Hindus:

Zaidu begging for Zionist currency using Zionist credit card system:

Ghazwa-e-Hind Bus Tour via Panipat, New Delhi to Tel Aviv:

Calipha Zaid Hamid:

Zaidu in Hollywood with Maria B and Takla Azmat:

Zaidu chala Hitler banane:

Zaid Hamid shooting Zionist Hindus:

Zaiddu shooting at moon because it conspired against Pudina-e-Nani:

The Sipahsalar in Ghazawa-e-Hind: Ali Khizmat

Alahmdulillah! The fuckeer has starred in super-duper action movie produced by ISPR and directed by Chacha Hamid Gul: The Laal Topi Rises.